Bear an answer in dating with me, please. I know this is an AmoLatina online dating blog for singles. But I write it from Chandler, Arizona. It rained here today. To me, that’s breaking friggin online dating news! But wait…there’s more.

The storm blew my rocking chairs into the lake. That might have been a huge news story on Fox 10 in Phoenix had I called my buddy there. Anyway, the real story is my weather tragedy turned into a dating triumph…for my 4-year old!

Even a 4-year old knows not to take no for an answer in datingNever Miss a Good Opportunity to Jump in a Puddle!

That’s one of the life lessons I’ve learned from my son. Today, we had a rare opportunity to act on it. So when I picked him up from preschool, we went feet first. Times like this between a single Daddy and a 4-year old boy with no adult supervision have their rewards.

After stopping home for dry clothes, we went to the indoor playland at the worldwide place with the golden arches. My little man always calls it “Old McDonald’s.” It amuses me every time so I have never corrected him.

No other people were there when we arrived. Within 30 seconds, not one but two adorable little girls his age appeared with a Mommy. Jackpot!

My son the hunter picked up the scent faster than a bloodhound on a prison break. “Daddy, I want to play with them,” he said as he locked on the targets.

A Rare Opportunity

He had no time for small talk. There was no foreplay. Not even a hello. I laughed as he went right for the kill in boldly asking, “Do you want to play with me?” “No,” said one of the girls. Yep, just like his old man.

It was an emphatic enough protest for the girls and the Mommy to hear. Actually, his disappointment might have been loud enough for Ray Kroc in his grave to hear. Then came the matchmaking breakthrough.

The Mommy called the girls over to her. When they broke their quick huddle, the girls offered to play with my boy. Aah. Young love was alive and well. Life was better than a Happy Meal. I thanked her for making us both smile.

The kids played well together for nearly two hours. The girls were really nice despite him being “All-Boy.” I watched my son chase two little beautiful girls in and out of slides and chutes, and shared some laughs with the Mommy of the one girl about him being so smitten with them. The good news is I think my son scored another “play date.”

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Now it would be way too predictable to tell you the moral of the story here is, “Don’t Take No for an Answer” in your dating pursuits. Boring!

The real golden nugget of dating advice from my 4-year old is this. To increase your odds of getting a date – Always do your asking out within earshot of their Mommy.


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