What was your longest relationship? A recurring and often embarrassing question to answer! Read the information below in order to learn from your longest relationship!

The period of passion does not last forever

It is important to distinguish between carnal desire and love. Because at the beginning of a relationship these two feelings are difficult to decipher. Individuals want to spend every second of the day together. Who has not experienced those moments of butterflies in the stomach in anticipation of the meeting. The heart that skips a beat when the cell phone rings? However, if we have had previous long-lasting YourLatinMates relationships, we can prepare ourselves that these temporary feelings will give way to true love. After the passion, which lasts more or less long depending on the couple. We really get to know our partner.

What Your Longest Relationship Learns About You.No one belongs to us – Your Longest Relationship

Many people tend to think that because they share someone’s life, that person fully belongs to them. Of course. We all know that people are not goods. That can be disposed of as we please. However, subconsciously. We assimilate the relationship to a situation that should bring you happiness at all times. After having evolved for a long time together. We realize that the person with whom we share our life is distinct from us. Thus, we cannot control their daily choices or their behavior in general even if these are to the detriment of the relationship. To avoid recurring conflicts. It is important to keep the lines of communication open so that you can discuss and find a line of agreement. Often,

You are completely self-sufficient – Your Longest Relationship

Whether it is time spent with another person or a prolonged moment of singleness, we realize that we are completely self-sufficient. The person who accompanies us on the tortuous path of life does not have the role of transforming our self-esteem. This work must be done personally and especially before embarking on a new relationship. Many make the mistake of using a relationship as a confirmation of our personal worth. This attitude gives a lot of power to the other because it is responsible for your happiness. Over time, we are able to realize that we must first love ourselves and cultivate this love before being able to give our love to others.

You can’t change someone

One of the essential lessons that a long-term relationship can teach is that you cannot change an individual completely. Of course, with time, certain habits can be changed, but the bottom of a person, what defines him, cannot be changed. Forcing someone to change is not a good long-term strategy. Because under the effect of pressure, this person can submit to our desires for a while, but the YourLatinMates.Com repressed feelings always end up coming to the surface. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop as the saying goes. Want a change? Lead by example, change some of your usual behaviors! Also, if you want to change your partner so badly,

Your Relationships Reflect Your Relationship With Yourself

If we tend to favor reactive relationships, this is a sign that we haven’t come to terms with our past experiences and are not ready to move on. When we recognize our responsibility for the failures and successes of our past relationships, we can then modify our relational approach in order to aim for a harmony that suits us. The more we focus on cultivating our inner selves and our self-love, the better we are able to shape our romantic relationships.. Remember that relationships can help us grow and evolve. Sometimes the goal is to test us or to teach us something. Also, some relationships don’t bring you any good so it’s best that your paths part naturally so that you can continue to improve yourself personally.

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