Dear ladies, in this article we again return to issues affecting. The behavioral aspects of dating and communicating with foreigners online on an international dating site.

Fact: dating and chatting on the Internet is different from international dating site and chatting in real life . We will not list. The negative aspects of virtual communication, but rather focus our attention on. The positive aspects of online dating.

The international dating site fernliebe offers you a platform for dating. Communicating with men from Western European countries in order to find a partner for living together. The site also offers you useful information in the form of articles. That cover various topics that help in the development of communication. However, the result of meeting and communicating. (whether You can create a relationship with a foreigner) depends entirely on you . You are responsible for the “result”, the outcome of your undertaking. For presenting yourself on the site, for the photos added to the profile, for your style of communicating with men, etc.

Dating and Chatting

Let us dwell separately on the style of communication with foreign gentlemen. There are various possible models of communication on a dating site with foreigners. Let’s focus on a communication style that can help you develop an acquaintance with a foreigner. The foundations of this style are: openness and sincerity in communication .

Restrained, “cold” manner of communication repels German men. They have heard not only about the beauty of Slavic women. But also about their openness in communication and about. Their extraordinary warmth, focus on family values. In their understanding, acquaintance on the Internet. International dating site acquaintance with a Slav woman is a reciprocal process : a man takes a step towards a meeting, a woman answers him. “Steps forward”, left without due attention, is unspent potential, devalued opportunities . Therefore, when in the process of dating foreigners encounter an “impregnable cold fortress” that does not show interest and does not ask questions to a partner, then a light bulb lights up in the mind of a German man – the process is not mutual / the lady is not interested in continuing to get to know me, in creating a serious relationship! Maybe she’s just answering me out of politeness?

The International Dating Site

He does not know anything about the restraint of Slavic women, for him this is a signal of disinterest in him . A man seeks to get as much information as possible from the woman he likes, writes about himself, asks questions that interest him, in order to determine the degree of commonality of interests. If the response of a woman is monosyllabic answers to the questions posed by him, without signs of interest on her part, stories about herself, questions about his life, everything that makes up full-fledged communication between people, then the man will sooner or later stop making attempts to establish contact and switch to communication with another lady.


With the help of verbal communication, a person receives 7 percent of the information about the interlocutor, the remaining 93 percent of the information is transmitted non-verbally, using “body language” – facial expressions, gestures, intonations, etc. At the initial stages of dating on the Internet, when the parties exchange letters, “ there is no body language, so it is necessary to use the resource of verbal communication to the maximum in order to obtain information about the partner – about his tastes, habits, preferences, ideas and tell about yourself.

  • Start communication;
  • set its limits;
  • develop interest in yourself;
  • show your interest in creating a serious relationship, in getting to know a man.

You need to learn to openly talk about yourself (this is available to everyone and it is not necessary to lead an incredibly exciting lifestyle), ask the right questions, carefully read the answers and respond to information from the letters of a man. If you learn how to do this, you will create the foundation for a closer.

Stronger Relationship.

It is important to be in the process of dating! Actively interact, instead of taking the position of an outside observer, critically evaluating the attempts of a foreign gentleman to develop an acquaintance. Prejudices, preconceived negative opinions, often not even based on personal experience, do not help you in finding a man to create a relationship.

The correct formulation of questions prepares the ground for the search for common interests, the creation of a sense of community, and the strengthening of mutual understanding. To improve the “management” of this process, the process of verbal communication, we advise you to create a special questionnaire. Think about what information you would like to know about a man that arouses your greatest interest in a potential partner (his character traits, daily habits, his family, free time, interests, etc.).

Free Time

Questions should be formulated specifically (not in the form of vague hints. Foggy hints lead to confusion and misunderstanding if there is a language barrier in communication), their purpose is to learn more about a person, about his life, his preferences, and not his income and property. Such questions at the initial stage of dating are taboo .. Starting too early and too persistently interested in the financial situation of a man, you indelibly spoil his impression of yourself and the purpose of your acquaintance . These questions can be asked, but only after a real meeting. Usually, men themselves talk about their financial situation. triptogether

  1. Looking through the profiles of men on a dating site, make it a rule to be the first to write to candidates who arouse your interest. There is nothing reprehensible in this. In Germany, it is in the order of things that a woman herself chooses a suitable partner for her, and does not wait until she is chosen . This shows the degree of her self-confidence, her determination and self-sufficiency.
  2. An active position in the issue of learning a foreign language will expand your communication. Opportunities and significantly increase. The chances of dating success. The charm of communication with the help of eloquent glances and gestures, unfortunately, quickly passes and foreigners are trying to get to know. The lady with whom they can exchange information, understand each other.


  1. Use the advantage of “feedback”: track the reaction of men to you. The reaction to your photos, your profile, to your letters. Respond flexibly by changing. The photos of your profile, adding more information about yourself to it, improving. The quality of communication, bringing warmth and understanding to the communication process. Develop. The “art” of communication and faith in achieving the goal

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